Pre-Session Questionnaire

Learning Objectives:

  • To utilize a blog
  • To learn to use a blog as a tool teachers may use to write "with" their students
  • To develop a conversation on a blog post
  • To use the blogs as a reader

Today's Agenda


Learning Activities

15 minutes

Bell Ringer = Differentiated Learning!

  1. Log into your blog.
    • Explore other blogs using the links under Resources (located below).
  2. Create a blog.
    1. Go to blogspot.com
    2. Log into teacher email account.
    3. Click on NEW BLOG.
    4. Choose a title. EXAMPLE - English 11 Cafe (May use spaces here.)
    5. Choose a URL. EXAMPLE - eng11cafe (NO spaces allowed here.)
    6. Choose a template. You may change this later.
    7. Click CREATE BLOG.
    8. Congratulations! You now "own" a website!
    9. Click the ORANGE BOX with a PENCIL.

30 minutes

Write Beside Them

30 minutes

A Social Networking Tool

  • Community of Literacy Learners

  • Attend a wiki session to learn
    how to create a "Link by Link"
    page such as I use to trackallmy students' blogs.
  • OR stop by and see
    Tammy Gillmore in Cafe 16
    for more information.
30 Minutes

An Online Reader: Hook 'em with Blogs

  • Why do we read blogs?
    • Author Blogs
    • Star Blogs
    • Hobby Blogs
    • Professional Blogs
  • Explore other blogs.
    • Check post formats.
    • Hear their voices?
  • Write what you like to read.
    • Create a post on a topic close to your heart.

  • Click on a button to see
    additional blogs:
    • Author BLogs.jpg
    • Educational Blogs.jpg
15 Minutes


  • Today, created two posts and left a comment
  • An Invitation

Click on a button to explore other blogs:
BSD Bloggers.jpg

Author BLogs.jpg

Educational Blogs.jpg

Additional Resources:

blogging lessons ideas and resources.pdf
from http://digitallyspeaking.pbworks.com

Slide Presentations:
  • Creating Your Digital Fingerprint.ppt
    Creating Your Digital Fingerprint.ppt
Creating Your Digital Fingerprint.ppt