Teaching and Reaching 2014 Conference -- Arkansas Teachers for National Board Certification
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NBCT and Renewal and Technology

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  • What is expected?
    • These Professional Growth Experiences must include current content and/or pedagogical knowledge and acquisition of effective and appropriate use of technology, and they must be ongoing, varied, and multifaceted.

    • The Rubric:
      • Evaluation Rubric for Renewal Certification The renewal candidate has provided sufficient evidence of the identification of important needs in his or her professional context; of professional growth in areas which address those needs in a variety of rich and powerful contexts, including areas of content and/or pedagogical knowledge; and has provided sufficient evidence of the application of professional growth in ways that have a meaningful impact on student learning. The renewal candidate has provided sufficient evidence of the acquisition of knowledge of current technology and/or effective and appropriate incorporation of technology into teaching and learning; and has drawn on and/or contributed to the resources of the school, district and/or community. The candidate has provided evidence of teaching practice in his or her certificate-specific area in ways that recognize the needs of students, ensure equity of access and promote appreciation of diversity, and provide relevant and meaningful instruction for students. The candidate has provided evidence of professional growth that has evolved since certification and is varied and/or multifaceted. Although there may be unevenness in the level of evidence of professional growth presented, overall, there is sufficient evidence of professional growth since certification to support renewal of certification.


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